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     The carpet cleaning service from Bankside Cleaners was out of this world. I never thought I'd be able to get my carpet, my prized possession, looking so clean again. But I gave this company a call and they worked their magic. In no time at all, they'd managed to transform the state of my carpet into a thing of beauty. I'm incredibly thankful for the great service. I'm still stunned that they were able to achieve such great results!
Dana D19/05/2020
     Hands down the best cleaning company. You guys are amazing, and have made another loyal customer! I love especially how caring and kind the cleaners are that are sent to our home! They interact with our kids and pets like members of the family!
Neil Lucas19/09/2019
     My husband was upset when I spilt wine on our new carpet so I called Bankside Cleaning Companies to fix things. Their cleaner got rid of the stain in no time and it's as if the spill never existed.
Yvette Clarkson31/07/2015
     We are very pleased with the end of tenancy cleaning that has been carried out by Bankside Cleaning Companies. Their team did an awesome amount of cleaning for a great price. Our house was in a shabby state; it is amazing how the team worked together to put everything in order. I will definitely be using their services in my new house too.
Mariam J.08/05/2015
     My biggest problem with hiring house cleaning professionals is that they often did a superficial job cleaning my house. Hours after they leave, I discover dust and dirt in areas that should have been cleaned, and sometimes even damaged items. With BanksideCarpetCleaners however, I had no such problem. They did such a thorough clean out that I couldn't place my finger on any area that hadn't been cleaned. Now that I have found their brilliant service, I am never going to call any other cleaner to work in house. I recommend them to everyone who reads this.
Donna E.04/12/2014
     BanksideCarpetCleaners did a great job recently in my home with the home cleaning. I was fed up of trying to fit in the cleaning. From the first contact I was given a list of cleaning services to choose from. I decided to have a complete overall so it meant detailed attention was going to be given to all parts of the house and furnishings. The cleaning girls were hardworking and friendly and did a great job. The results were fantastic; the house looked so clean and neat. I was given the particulars by my sister, who had used them before and was also very happy with their service.
Miriam Jefferson12/06/2014
     I wanted a thorough house clean while I was away on business. Leaving my home in the hands of strangers was obviously a huge worry for me, and after speaking to friends and family it was BanksideCarpetCleaners that was recommended to me. I was really hesitant about the clean, but when I got back from my break away I was pleasantly surprised! The whole house had been cleaned properly and from top to bottom. I couldn't find a single fault even though I tried my hardest! A really reliable and affordable service with staff that I'm glad I hired!
     Do you tire of continually wiping down your sofas and scrubbing them to remove those marks that you just can't ever quite get rid of? Welcome to my world. Seriously, I love my dogs but they can be a handful, and if my sofas could speak I am sure they would be pretty annoyed! There is only so much I can do to keep them fresh, but for the last couple of years I have had BanksideCarpetCleaners round to professionally clean them. What a find these guys were. They seem to get rid of every last bit of dirt, grime and hair that my canine friends leave behind. Great.
Marge Ellingham30/01/2014

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